Sunday, January 22, 2006

Galactic Gold Mine

Interesting article at Forbes
Theoretically, mining and collecting solar energy in space for use on Earth hold tremendous potential. Solar energy can, of course, be gathered on Earth, but only about half of the sun's radiation ever makes it to the Earth's surface--the rest is either absorbed by the atmosphere or reflected back by clouds. As for mining, a 1999 study published in Science magazine calculated that the asteroid Eros contains precious metals--aluminum, gold, silver and zinc, among others--worth at least $20 trillion at current market prices.
Calling Gerard O'Neill ..
But given our present technologies, it would take vast changes in our ability to reach for the heavens before either endeavor could possibility yield a profit.
Damned niggly details.

"Where am I supposed to find coelacanths at this time of day" as a catch phrase deserves wider play, I think. See Goats for more comic goodness.
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