Friday, January 06, 2006

Macc answers the eternal question - Why don't you do something more useful?

Courtesy of TJIC I read Paul Graham's fine essay 'How to Make Wealth'. And it's a good 'un. Friend and coworker (whom I've never met in person, gobless the internet) Manuel Antonio Cuba answers a related question "Why don't you do something more useful?"
One of the most common question I have been asked about the SE is “Why don’t you make something good here on Earth, like the cure for cancer. Space is so distant and far away.”

I hated to be placed in that position, specially when asked by people who weren’t doing anything good for Earth. What kind of right did they had to question the project in which I worked, they are were slackers themselves? It pissed me off.

Time has passed and as I gained experience I found the answer which I know and feel is right. I say “Well, we are a private company. Our goal is to make a profit and our debt with society is to generate wealth. We are in it for the money.”

To me, it is the best way to increase humanity’s standard of living.
I think the two tie in together nicely.

Wealth Generation Machine (Beta)
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