Thursday, January 26, 2006

Private civilian response to the 'meh' CEV video from NASA

Jim Hillhouse sent this to the AmericaSpace mail list a few minutes ago ...
After downloading NASA's CEV movie last Fall, I was disappointed that NASA had not done a better job in trying to sell its vision. Frankly, I've seen better out of a high school film group. I whined and moaned about this for a week or so and then decided to put my money where my mouth was. So, I bought "Final Cut Express HD" (only for Mac, sorry), installed it on my PowerBook G4 15", downloaded allot of NASA media, and made my own version of what I thought NASA should have done. I've tried to put NASA's new program into context with what has gone on in the past.

You can download the film, "Return to the Moon", at:

You can't miss it. Enjoy it! It's free. And it's big--the film is over 41 Meg. Just unzip and play. It's a QuickTime/iTunes movie and is formatted for the iPod. I hope all of you like it.

Please send any criticisms and comments to me. But I'm not a film student or in the bidness, so you get what I caveat.
It's pretty good. Worth a few minutes to download and watch. Amazing what an inspired private citizenry can do.
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