Friday, January 06, 2006

Making gravy

Excellent Screed - hits the high notes, just the right amount of keruffle.
I know, I know: I am a hopeless reactionary. I believe in judging a culture on the liberties and prosperity it affords to its people. I believe that the West is an anomaly in human history, and that it is a rare thing to have what we have: information without boundaries, freedom unimagined by those who have gone before, women’s equality instead of the black Hefty-trash-bag dress, respect for gays instead of death-by-stone-walls, and all the other remarkable accomplishments like space probes and plumbing and overnight delivery of Omaha Steaks (track the UPS code in your browser, if you wish.) But it didn’t just happen. As Felix Under said to Oscar Madison: you have to make gravy. It doesn’t just come.
Gravy, yes. Must remember that. Gotta keep piling on those stones and someday you've built a set of stairs - or a career or a space elevator - 'so big'.
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