Saturday, January 07, 2006

You can't see this - but I'm rolling my eyes

Comment from the space passenger NPRM
first of all, there should be NO commercial space
flights since the pollution from commercial space
flights negatively impacts every single u.s. citizen.
one flight alone can kill thousands of people. i
think this should be solely a govt. endeavor.

secondly, it is clear that the most rigorous standard
must be used for any person who is permitted to do
this by our govt. it is clear this should not just be
a jaunt in the sky for a celebrity or rich man, as
seems to be going on these days.

the pollution from these flights is substantial. it is
time to put a damper on the endless pollution being
allowed by those who profit from it, with no regard
for those negatively impacted by the pollution from it
(their health, their breathing dirty air, etc.

what does the rest of the american public gain from
these kinds of extravaganzas? nothing.
Ah, the democratic process. One thing to be said for open comments - you can see the good and nutty opinions. B. Sachau of Florham Park, New Jersey - I respect your right to voice your opinion but it is your duty to read up on the subject.

Want to comment? Click here and type in docket number 23449. Do yourself a favor and read the PDF on that page first. It's only 123 pages - you can scan that in an hour.

Via Transterrestrial Musings.
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