Friday, January 20, 2006

Nuclear Powered Posting

Nuclear Power, Climate Change and the Next 10,000 Years

Peter Schwartz and Ralph Cavanagh held a discussion at the Seminar About Long-Term Thinking. What about? Schwartz is a turncoat Green who sees nuclear power as a way to ease the climate change crunch. Cavanagh opposes expansion of nuclear power. No audio, but Brand has written a summary and posted at the Long Now discussion boards. Very informed comments at the link.

Via World Changing.

Sending Plutonium to Pluto
There’s controversy surrounding the launch, because some folks think that putting plutonium on a rocket is too dangerous — a launch accident could spread radioactive material. Well… okay, it IS dangerous. But I’m with the scientists who think that ultimately it’s MORE dangerous to not learn as much as we can about our Solar system. It is, after all, only a matter of time before some wandering rock decides to play “Extinction Event Roulette” with us, and that’s only the beginning of the threats we know about.
Howard Gets It, allrighty.

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