Friday, January 13, 2006

Touch The Sky

Good poetry is hard to find. I'm linking the following not just because it's good and deserves wider notice (and it does that) but it's about a subject near and dear my heart.

The following is inspired by the thought of the space elevator that the Liftport Group is trying to build. (Big dreams!).

Touch the Sky

Did you ever think that you would touch the sky?
A vision: Heaven's gate flung open wide.

Ever feel the universe was watching you?
As you soar into a vault of midnight blue.

At twelve hundred K's an hour, where there's no wind in your hair.
Driving straight up to the zenith, on a road that goes nowhere.

We're on a road to nowhere/ d'you want to make something of it?
On a road to nowhere/ that's just what we could do!

On a strand of silk that's stronger far than steel.
Coriolis plucking gently at your wheel.

Ride that strand from mother earth into the void,
to where the pulls of spin and mass are in accord

Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, had a dream to make it so!
and Yuri Artsutanov, saw the way that it should go!

It's the road to nowhere! It's Tsiolkovsky's dreaming.
The road to nowhere, and what a dream to make come true!

- Tony Fisk
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