Thursday, January 26, 2006

Egregious twaddle by Henry M. Bowles III

Henry M. Bowles III has come out again' the military recruiting on campus. I would argue that if the military ceased recruiting amongst our intellectual betters then our society would suffer but .. hey what do I know?

You would think that a senior would know better than this however
A real tragedy occurs when a young man, susceptible to the military’s appeal and nonetheless intelligent and creative, signs up to become cannon fodder. He’ll probably leave the military alive, but he’ll have been irreversibly molded, less inclined to dissent. Less intelligent people are better equipped for most military positions, and have far less to lose.
Tommy Atkins to the front - you 'ave less to loose than our Mr. Bowles, Private. For 'e is clearly a scholar and a gentleman and we can't afford to lose the likes o' him. 'Es ever so much smarter than you lot - just ask 'im!

Remember that is Henry M. Bowles III of Northwestern.
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