Monday, November 03, 2008

Aut disce aut discede

In which the government of Britain just .. gives .. up
Several local authorities have ruled that phrases like "vice versa", "pro rata", and even "via" should not be used, in speech or in writing.
(derisive snort)
Other local councils have banned "QED" and "ad hoc", while other typical Latin terms include "bona fide", "ad lib" and "quid pro quo".
Because it's essential that you set no standards what-so-ever.
But the move has been welcomed by the Plain English Campaign which says some officials only use Latin to make themselves feel important.
Funny - I use words because they convey meaning and nuance.
A Campaign spokesman said the ban might stop people confusing the Latin abbreviation e.g. with the word "egg".

He was misquoted - what he actually said was 'everyone must proceed at the pace of the slowest and learn at the pace of the dumbest.'
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