Monday, November 17, 2008

I've been keeping up my payments .. like a sucker

And what is the government spending my money on this week? Debt forgiveness - for dumb people.

Last week, the government announced a program that will substantially lower payments for many homeowners who have little or no equity, but only if they are at least 90 days delinquent.

In a campaign fact sheet, President-elect Barack Obama says he "recognizes that the real victims in the subprime mortgage crisis are not the lenders, but the millions of borrowers who followed the rules and whose only crime was taking out mortgages that lenders told them they could afford."

So .. wait. All I gotta do is just stop paying Citi for 90 days and The Man will lower my payments? And blame it on my lender?

Wow - this President Obama guy is a swell fella.

Sign .. me .. up.


Headline from a Homer Simpson quote I really like. Homer is hanging out with his dad in the Old Folks Home. He watches a guy in a wheelchair and then mutters ".. and I've been using my legs all this time - like a sucker."
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