Wednesday, November 19, 2008

How do you say 'annoyed' in Japanese?

If, twenty years ago, you'd told me that finding NULL in a vendor's SQL table

SchLastRunDateTime LastStatus
----------------------- ----------
2008-11-15 21:56:00.000 0

where I expected to find a date would be the cause for grumbling and discontent ... well I would have not known what you were talking about. What the hell is ess-queue-ell, I would have said and how do I say 'you're pretty and I'll love you forever' in Japanese? Because that last was really important to me, once upon a time.

But, seriously. I've got a reasonably good script to yank data from that bastard and shove it into a dashboard - all so the end user will leave .. me .. alone [1] and they gotta screw it up by letting NULLs in their table which means I gotta do an exception [2] or something in the PHP so it returns something and doesn't just STOP and crap this into the log

PHP Fatal error: Call to a member function format() on a non-object in

Because that is really annoying.

[1] And by that I mean save time in their operations cycle by self-referencing status reports vice submitting a request to the Help Desk that says, basically, 'Things are broken and I don't know what is wrong'.

[2] In fact what I did was to not use the record that could contain NULL and use another one with identical data.  That does not seem to have NULL at all.  Which doesn't exactly fix the problem but it sure enough hacks around it.
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