Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Interviewee: So, if I accept this job, the new-hire process is ...

HR: Orientation on the first day.  We go over the benefits package, sign up for the 401k, choose your insurance package, wipe your personality. Then you go on assignment.

Interviewee: Wait, you said wipe my ..

HR: Personality, yes.

Interviewee: Hmm. And the assignments? What kind of jobs would I be doing?

HR: Well, it doesn't really matter, you won't remember any of them.

Interviewee: Well, sign me up!

I'm looking forward to Dollhouse.  It's by Joss Whedon and while I was not a big fan of Buffy or Angel, Firefly was very good and Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog was darn nifty.  So I've got this expectation that Dollhouse won't be so very bad.

Also, it's on Fox, so I better watch it now or I'll have to get it on DVD.

But I really want to know who would volunteer for a job like that.

Guess I'll find out.
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