Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Deploy a Boot To The Head

Ye Gods.
I have a total of 66 students, but a handful have dropped out. So, of the about 60 who came to the three recitations, one student had done the readings. For two recitations, nobody had read anything, and one girl read in one recitation. Attendance was fairly high. However, the average per recitation was about 0.33% of the students having read.

So ... when it's clear they have not actually done the assigned work, you can deploy a boot to the head?

No? Pity.

You know what - Marines are encouraged to take correspondence courses from Marine Corps Institute. These are not scholarly, but are of a practical nature - NBC, land navigation, desert warfare, riot control - courses geared to junior enlisted.

Still - it's studying and course work and requires time and dedication.

I don't have statistics at hand but I'm pretty sure the completion rate for those is higher than 0.33%.

I feel sorry for Rufus - he's clearly a good bloke who likes what he does and wants his students to succeed.

But it tickles me to imagine a bunch of jarheads have a better completion rate than kids at University.
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