Thursday, November 06, 2008


Hooray - my head is partially filled with useless world trivia!

Your result for Show Me the Money Test...

65% Money_minded!

You scored 65% Money_minded. There is no pass or fail for this test, but it does give you a small indication (very small) of how well you know your international money and tidbits of useless world trivia. Congratulations! For most tests in school under 60% means that you failed, but for the sake of this test whatever score you get means you are a winner in International currency. Why? Because you were brave enough to take this test!! Besides, you may have accidently learned something!

If you want to know the answers to the test, just scroll over the information below and you can see the answers.

1. Austria 2. Australia 3. Bangladesh 4. Ethiopia 5. Finland 6. Greece 7. Tibet 8. India 9. Iraq 10. Russia 11. Pakistan 12. Portugal 13. Afghanistan 14. Wales 15. Yemen 16. Yugoslavia

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