Thursday, November 06, 2008

Looking Glass

Well, hunh.

Carl Cameron talking to Bill O'Reilly just now on Fox reveals that McCain aides were truly "shocked" at the "gaps in knowledge" Sarah Palin displayed once they were stuck with her.

Wait a second.

Un-named McCain aides, Bill O'Reilly and Fox News .. are now such an authority that everyone is going to just .. believe this [1] without attribution?

Welp, after looking at the internets today .. guess so!

Are you people so infatuated and/or in the mopes that you have difficulty comprehending bullshit when you see it? That maybe, just maybe, this is politics and a blame game and payback by operatives in the back room? That if you just accept this on face value you are being the gullible sap that they (you know who 'they' are) are counting on you to be?

Sure, Governor, you know Africa is a continent - now. When did you stop beating your husband?

[1] And if Bill O'Frickin Reilly said Senator Biden couldn't spell c-a-t ... you'd just believe it? Really? Preconceive much?
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