Friday, November 07, 2008

Thanks, Milwaukee!

One worry (a minor one) is that if I loose my job in Drive Past, Wisconsin [1] I'd have to acquire a job in Green Bay (long drive) or Milwaukee, which would require me to move.   I like it here.  Plus I'd have to deal with rush hour again and I doubt I'll be able to find a house two miles from my employer there.

Luckily, the citizens of Milwaukee have made it likely that any businesses still in that fair city will be fleeing north [2] .. and right into my lap.

The Milwaukee Paid Sick Leave Initiative is a rare citizen initiated measure in Wisconsin, 2008. It was brought to the ballot by utilizing direct legislation, which allows citizens to propose legislation to a city or village.

The measure intends to require employers in the City of Milwaukee to give employees one hour of paid sick leave for every 30 hours worked, or nine days per year. The paid time off could be used if the employee is ill, if a family member is ill, or for time off used to attend to medical or legal issues resulting from domestic violence, sexual assault or stalking.

And did citizens of that fair city decide to give business yet one more reason to flee? Boy, did they!
Approved, by 69% - 31%, making Milwaukee one of only three cities with such an ordinance. The others are San Francisco and Washington, DC.

Thanks, Milwaukee!

[1] I write that with a great deal of affection of course.

[2] This assumes the Lege with their brand new Democrat majority doesn't find it in their best interests to drive taxes through the roof and sending business fleeing clean out of the state.
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