Monday, November 03, 2008

Yard Signs

There is a nice twenty-mile stretch of Wisconsin 29 from the interstate to Kewaunee.  The road is straight, but hilly and and there are only a few places where you gotta slow down for towns.

A whole lotta people who live on that road have yard signs. I didn't count but I'd guesstimate it's an even split between Obama - Biden and McCain - Palin signs [1]

Who has put up the signs grabbed my attention.

There are a fair number of businesses out there.  Not concessions or chains but single- proprietor shops; a gravel pit, heavy equipment rental and repair shops, metal fabrication shops, a lot of farms.

Every Obama-Biden sign was at a private residence. Every business that had a sign - and most of them did - had prominent signs up for John Gard .. and McCain-Palin.

Means nothing of course and it's only anecdotal - but it sure is interesting.

[1] There are also a few for Representative Steve Kagen. One of which was amusingly [2] vandalized on Saturday: Kagan's slogan is "Together We Will"  - underneath a wag had spray painted 'Raise your taxes!'

[2] This is not an endorsement of vandalism, just noting the humor.
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