Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sea Story

The guard house and the barrier are new, but the rest is the same ...

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During rush hour there were two men on duty - a guy at the bottom of the ramp and a guy at the top. Their jobs were to a) guard the ramp against unauthorized entry and b) make sure jarheads driving in and out didn't collide. There was an intercom connecting the two.

Lance Corporal O was at the bottom and, for reasons of his own, started singing into the mic.

'Everybody's gone surfin' ...'

The company First Sergeant ambled by. I'm making the 'knock if off' gesture ...

'.. surfin' USA ..'

First Sergeant stopped. Listened. Grinned. In an accent from the deep south he asked rhetorially "Is that boy singing?"

"Yes, First Sergeant."

"Unh hunh. Unh hunh. Y'all carry on."

Lance Corporal Mud called over the mic, "Was that the First Sergeant?"



Whoops my ass. We had to clean and buff the floor of the guardhouse for that stunt. Him for being a goofball, me because I was senior and didn't make him behave himself.

Good times, good times. 

And Street View is awesome.
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