Sunday, February 03, 2008

Batman is a class enemy

Ignorant commentary from the Captain America's got a gun story ...

His gun's
just a TOOL? Then why not dispense with all the pretense and just have him follow in GW Bush's aircraft carrier landing bravado and show up with a huge bulge in his super crotch.

And what's more American than THE GUN! Great example for our kids, who already make extensive use of guns in school massacres. That's how we solve our problems here in the good ol' USofA, at the end of a gun. (Pass me the moonshine, Cletus!)

People get a grip. It's a comic book character. It's fiction. Kids are bright enough to get this.

If you're going to rag on Cap for carrying a gun you really need to take a look at Batman; that character is a disturbed loony, acting out childhood trauma on people who are innocent of the crime that was afflicted on young Bruce. Further, he hides his psychosis behind unearned wealth and privilege; does anyone doubt that, were the forces of law and order to penetrate that masque, that he'd get a pass because he's rich?

Batman is the ultimate class enemy. Censor Detective Comics!

"I kicked 'Kal-El' around like a little girl - come over here and tell me I'm crazy."
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