Friday, February 15, 2008

In which I demonstrate that I am not a people person

Earlier Today ...


RING. Hey, maybe it's that vendor calling back, on goes the head seat, slap the handset off the cradle ....

"This is Brian." Long pause. "Hello?"

Hi, can I speak to Brian?

A Saleswoman. Sigh. "This is he."

Hi this is X calling on behalf of xxx blood center we're seeing if you'd like to come in and donate this quarter?

"Not so much, thanks." [1]

I could hear the disappointment and negative vibes come ringing down the wire. I guess people don't tell them 'no' very often.

Well okay ....

"Bye, then."

... bye.

Boy, I sure made her day.

[1] I give blood on a regular basis. But I've never had anyone call up and ask, that was weird. Usually it's through a company blood drive or at a con.
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