Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Ol' Yeller

Dude works for a big company. Blogs. Gets noticed. Gets fired. It happens.

Now, he claims he's never seen an employee manual, which I find really hard to believe - those guys in HR are really into making sure people read those things. But, whatever.

Naw - my problem is his usage of metaphor ..
... that is until the day she was taken out into the figurative woods without any warning and given the Old Yeller treatment.

Dude. Ol' Yeller wasn't taken into the woods. Yeller was confined to a pen when he turned rabid and that's where Travis did the deed.

That and .. Ol' Yeller had to die - he was rabid. I don't think the fellow is trying to make the point that his friend acquired rabies defending her boy against a wolf, and then had to be shot by his best friend.

Unless that's really where he's going; his friend got all weird in the course of her work so her corporate masters had to tearfully execute her. Naw, that's just too weird.

I call a metaphor penalty.

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