Tuesday, February 05, 2008

An Open Letter to Bruce Gagnon

Not mine, TJIC's ..


It’s important that we hold a protest outside the annual Space Technology Forum. Inside you will find NASA, Air Force, aerospace industry, and Department of Energy personnel planning the complete nuclearization and weaponization of space. They have huge elaborate displays of nuclear powered mining colonies on the Moon and Mars. They have mock-ups of the nuclear rocket with reactors powering the engines on space ships heading to Mars. These are the same people that have been working for years to create nuclear reactors for space-based weapons.

Our goal is to shine a very public light on this space nukes folks.

Dear Bruce Gagnon,

I am usually opposed to all NASA spending, and think that much of the Air Force’s spending is wasted.

However, you have made me see the light.

Nuclear rocket ships heading to Mars?

That is seriously bad ass!

I hereby fully endorse all of NASA’s and the USAF’s nukes-in-space programs - that is some awesome shit, and I am four square behind it. Those “space nukes folks” rock. Hard.

Thanks for your public outreach,


SpaceForCommerce fully endorses the sentiments expressed above.

If it explodes, moves fast or produces ridiculous amounts of torque, it's cool.


Brian Dunbar
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