Sunday, February 03, 2008

Think I Should I Worry?

Tech support said 'Run this SQL script, it will fix your production problem. Oh and you should take it out of production first.'

I asked how long it would take to run the script.

'Oh, about 30 minutes', they said. Well, thinks I, that sounds reasonable.

We're now at hour seven and one-half. In my mind's eye their crack tech monkeys did something lame like leave the ';' out' in a commit statement [1] and they missed it and I missed it .. and I've just wasted seven hours of my life.

And yes, I called and I'm waiting for the on-call engineer to return my call.

[1] I know most your eyes glazed over at that statement - it's pretty importatnt in SQL-land; it's like setting a tea kettle on to boil and then forgetting to turn the heat on.
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