Wednesday, February 20, 2008


The foolish, soft-headed and obstructive elements are heard from [1] ..

The planned Pentagon shoot down of the wayward U.S. military satellite is nothing more than an opportunity to test new Star Wars anti-satellite weapons (ASAT) technology says the Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space.

Well no screaming eagle shit, Ace. Did you have to pull out your Dick Tracy Crime Stoppers book to figure that one out?

It's also a notice to China that we can blow apart a target on short notice without a ton of prep time, from a mobile platform that can deploy anywhere in the world and spend months on station. Without creating a cloud of debris that lasts for years. Just because we feel like it.

It's also a message to Russia (with love) that however frisky they want to get with their bombers and our Navy they've got a lot of catch-up to do before they can play with the big boys. Hey, Ivan: we can do the Cold War again, but you won't like it.

“At the time when we need to be constraining space debris-creating ASAT testing, this test will throw open the door to a new arms race in space.”

There won't be any space debris, not that lasts longer than a few days, at best. That bird is coming down, we're just taking steps to make it come down in smaller chunks.

These same Aegis ships are now being home ported by the Navy throughout the Asian-Pacific region giving the U.S. the ability to encircle China’s coast.

I don't think that you can encircle a coast.

These Aegis ships could give the U.S. the ability to intercept China’s twenty nuclear missiles that today are capable of reaching the west coast of the continental U.S.

That sounds absolutely fan-fucking-tastic to me.

Interceptor rockets are a defensive tool. The only thing you can destroy with them are .. other weapons. The only situation you can conceive of them being used as a means of offense involves scenarios so unlikely that a person who would seriously advance them must think the people he's talking to are absolute morons or children.

You'd have to be a morally bankrupt tool to think that it's a good idea to deprive your nation of the means of defense.


[1] I would not even bother but he issued this as a press release and I'm irritated and pissy tonight thanks to the foolish and obstructive elements in the state legislature and the Gov's office.
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