Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Hot funk, cool punk, even if it's old junk ...

From The Firearms Blog ..[1]

I suppose standing around all day gazing at the sky and waiting for targets to show up can really screw with your head - how else to explain the whitewall tires?

But for a real dose of 'what the ..' take a gander at the AK-47s mounted on the barrels. What are those brave air defenders thinking?

Tracer rounds? I can't see it - the rates of fire and ranges on the S-60 and the AK-47 don't match.

I can't see them being used - however crudely - as sights. You could weld a cross-hair on the barrel for less than the cost of a rifle.

As a training aid in place of costly or scarce live ammunition .. maybe. But every thirty rounds you'll have to drop the barrel and insert a new magazine. Why not mount them closer to the gunners so they can just reach over and swap the magazine?

For goodness sake, the guys on the left aren't even trying to pretend theirs is bore-sighted.

[1] Note that while the source article discusses NK air defense the picture in question is from China.

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