Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Dear State of Wisconsin ...

I feel like one of those stereotypical neolithic savages. You know, the guy who, in a fey mood, flips the neolithic equivilent of a finger at the Great Sky God.

Darth on Mail

Ohhhh you're gonna get hammered for that.

Phhh. The Great Sky God .. if he even noticed .. has a sense of humor.

Then everyone in the village gets sick. The crops wither. The goat's milk goes sour. A bear wanders around and starts munching on the sheep.

I told you.

Yeah, yeah.

Now we're all modern people and we'd know that everyone got sick because the flu was going around that year, the crops withered because the water table dropped, the goat ate stinkweed and carnivores happen.

Me, I'm wondering what I did to piss the folks at the Wisconsin Department of Revenue off. We keep sending them money, the checks are cashed and the good folks there keep sending us a bill that sure 'nuff looks like we're getting further and further behind.

It .. was .. a .. joke. And the letter was going to the WIDOT anyway. So y'all can go ahead and flip the cams and gears on the mainframe and get the account all caught up.

And if talking nicely doesn't work I'll stake a sheep out on a rock or something else Old Testementish and ookey. At this rate the bear is just going to get them all so we might as well get some use out of them.

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