Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Infernal Contraption

Infernal Contraption™ is the stand-alone card game where goblin mechanics race to assemble nigh-uncontrollable magical machines.

Through the strategic placement of arcane components like arcantric funnels, chthonic grinders, and entropic processors just to name a few, these crazy goblins risk life and limb to overcome the competition with the ultimate Infernal Contraption.

Let that race around in your brain: goblin .. mechanics. The mind reels.

Interesting bits from the site ...

Bodging Tip: Never touch an unshielded Core. Remember there is an "Ow!" in "power"!

Bodging Tip: remember there's no throttle like full throttle. If it won't go, then give it more power!

Bodging Tip: The best things in life are often the small things. You know, the ones that are likely to melt, explode, disintegrate, or all three at once.

Via the always interesting Command Line Podcast.
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