Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Wow! Another steaming pile of good news!

You'll never work in Hollywood again, buddy. To hear the Lou Dobbses and Bill O'Reillys of the world--not to mention politicians ranging from Ron Paul to Hillary Clinton--the middle class of America (however you define that term) has never had it so tough. Between credit squeezes, out-of-control immigration, rising costs of education and health care and everything else, it's all darkness out there for those of us who are neither millionaires nor welfare cases, right?

In "Living Large," Drew Carey and examine the plight of the American middle class. What do they find? Click here to watch the video.

There are a lot of people in bad financial shape through no fault of their own.

There have always been people in bad financial shape. There always will be. This is just the way of things; it always sucks for someone, somewhere.

What's going on - what the video shows and what everyone knows if they don't spend a lot of time watching the 'if it bleeds it leads news' - is that life is generally better for more people than it ever has been.

You know a lot of people who have it bad, fine. Maybe you know a lot of people who are English Lit majors who can't find a job. Maybe this or that - I know a lot of people with black hair; it runs in my wife's family. But it doesn't mean a whole lot and you can't base policy on stuff like that.

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