Thursday, February 26, 2009

About those TPS reports

Like this;

Mgt: Project Death March has been canceled.
Me: Awesome.
Mgt: You've got a big hole in your schedule now ..
Me: Aw, I've got plenty to do - I can bring out ALOM software up to date, get Puppet running ...
Mgt: I was thinking .. backups.

Picard Facepalm

Which is all ha-ha very funny - but I'm looking forward to this.

The guy doing backups has been involved in one way or another with them for four years.  For the last year he's been the only guy doing backups.  So it's good that at least one other person in our shop knows what is going on.

Backups are important.  If you can't recover the data, Murphy will get you.

The backup process involves a preposterous amount of gear - a NetAp Filer, several Sun hosts, a tape library that costs more than my car and is nearly as big.  Also some complicated software has to work just so to make it happen and while the process works there is a of work around the edges to make it work well so it's just a job and not the tedium it can be.

It should be fun.  And I'll keep telling myself that ...

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