Monday, February 09, 2009

Share The Love

Hey - what's up Team Obama?

The media is filled with numbers about the economic crisis. But the numbers do not tell the full story.

They don't? I'm confused - I thought unless you had numbers you didn't have the full story.

The story of this crisis is in homes across the country -- homes where a family member has lost a job, where parents are struggling to pay a mortgage, and where college tuition has slipped out of reach.

Usually when a politician wants anecdotes and not numbers he's trying to spin a story to a conclusion not supported by the facts.

But Barack doesn't play that way.

You know when Tom Clancy totally let his muse get on top of him and he had Jack Ryan catapulted to the Oval Office and it was like all was Suddenly Right in the world?

Barack is like Jack Ryan, but real. Totally.

Share your story about how this economic crisis is affecting you and your family and join your fellow Americans in supporting bold action to speed our recovery:

Well, OK then!

My Crisis Story

My government wants to spend a whole bunch of money on a whole bunch projects of dubious value.

The crisis will end once the government stops helping.

Respectfully Submitted,

Brian Dunbar
Neenah, Wisconsin

I'm sure their filter will have that sucker right back into the public's face. Real Soon Now.

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