Thursday, February 12, 2009


Before you read any further ...

1. This contains spoilers for the Battlestar Galactica episode 'Blood on the Scales'
2. Re-reading this I can't believe how fanboy I get about this show.

About Tyrol ...

No, first I gotta blockquote this. Because it is so right.

Also not rolling over: Admiral William Adama, who literally spends the entire episode telling every single person in the world to fuck off as loudly as one can through one's dentures. He is a Lean, Mean, Fuck You machine. It is amazing. Turns out his Bucket List has one item on it, and that item is: Everybody Goes To Hell. Bill's Care Bear Glare powers have never been so magically delicious. He tells Gaeta to cram eleven things up his ass, invites Zarek to blow him, calls his lawyer a pimp, tears holes in the hull using his glare... A couple of lieutenants actually cry, because he's that scary. Finally they have no choice but to tie him to a chair in front of a firing squad. Then he just starts spitting at people.

I will never find myself captain of a ship with a mutinous crew. But if I do find myself in a comparable situation ... there are worse role models to emulate.

Speaking of role models - Galen Tyrol.

Chief spends the entire episode crawling through exceedingly tight ducts and getting into hilarious scrapes, then pulls out the actual guts of the Galactica FTL drive with his bare hands at the very last second, saving the day.

Like this: Tyrol over the course of a few months has had his life profoundly changed. He's not a husband, he's not a father, he's not the Senior Chief Petty Officer. He's not even human.

What is Galen Tyrol? He is what he chooses to be. He is the guy who knows how things work. The guy who sees a job to be done and gets down and does that sucker.

There is a lot like about a character like that.
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