Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wisconsin State Superintendent - Good vs Bad

So, about the primary election-night victory where the gal who was completely outspent by almost everyone got just 9,904 votes less than the incumbent? Which put her and him in the running for the general election in April?

You gotta love-love-love the headline on Rose Fernandez's website this morning . . .

WE DID IT: Parent Advocate to Face Teacher’s Union Candidate in April Race for State Superintendent

[Mukwonago, Wisc.] Rose Fernandez, a former pediatric trauma nurse and senior administrator at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, advanced through the Primary Election for State Superintendent Tuesday night.

“The results tonight are a testament to the power of our message of reform,” said Fernandez. “Our coalition of concerned parents, excellent teachers and fed up taxpayers proved, yet again, that they can go toe-to-toe with the most entrenched and well-funded special interests in Wisconsin politics and not flinch.”

While WEAC spent upward of $200,000 to get their chosen candidate through the Primary, the Fernandez campaign spent less than $20,000 and relied on an informative website, traditional hard work and citizen to citizen contact.

“Voters will have a clear contrast in April,” said Fernandez. “I want to bring people together to reward excellence in education, promote higher standards, empower parents and protect taxpayers, while we can expect the usual demagoguery from the WEAC-driven defenders of the status quo.”

Fernandez, the outsider in this race, expects to be attacked because her Masters degree and professional background is in nursing and hospital administration, not K-12 education.

“I have not been a part of the educational bureaucracy for my professional life, but my focus has always been on serving the needs of children,” said Fernandez. “For example, I have not been leading the DPI while generations of students have been abandoned in Milwaukee, with taxpayers statewide paying the bills. I am proud of my record and look forward to continuing to run on our agenda of higher standards without higher taxes.”

Rose expects WEAC and other special interest groups will move quickly to demonize her. But she’s ready. Voters who want to know the truth about Rose and her campaign should continue to visit

“Some have dismissed me as a mom on a mission, but I will wear that label as a badge of honor,” said Fernandez, who owns a small business with her union member firefighting husband Javier. “I am looking forward to campaigning across the state and will continue to listen to the concerns of families, teachers and administrators who want to improve our public schools.”

The General Election is April 7th.

Space4Commerce is not associated with Rose Fernandez or Families for Rose Fernandez.  We just like her a whole bunch.

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