Monday, February 23, 2009

Taken as Guy Fantasy

We saw Taken last night. My wife's review?

The movie was very good and kept us on the edge of our seat. It was great to see a parent be able to beat up a slew of bad guys and save his daughter, although it was a bit disconcerting to see he wasn't the least bit concerned with other people's daughters and their safe return. You'd think someone that had lost his little girl would have had a bit more compassion, but hey, he saved his girl and it was great.
It is a kick-ass movie, oh yes.

Thought the First. It wasn't, I think, that he was unconcerned about the girls, but that Liam Neeson's character is a guy. A guy on a mission. A guy who is focused. He's got a job to do and not a whole lot of time to do it in. This is, I think, a very guy kind of a trait and very much who the character was.

Thought the Second. There is a scene where he is talking with some Bad Men - and from their actions he is not a guy speaking English but a guy speaking French so well that they think he is a Parisian cop.

Which probably meant that he and they were speaking French. Fine, the part of me that is good at ignoring dumb stuff can handle it.

But oh, Hollywood, how you vex me! I and about 100% of the public would have been fine with Neeson breaking out the Francais and cluing us in with sub-titles. We can handle it.

Final Thought. This is very much a fantasy movie for realistic down-to-earth guys in the way that Anita Blake is smut for gals from the Midwest who would not dream of looking at the naughty stuff.

The bad guys are messing with his baby. There is no time for police or the authorities and the only thing that will save her is a whole lot of ass-kicking and gunfire and clued-in friends with secret-scary access to government databases.

And then he does that thing. And he wins despite long odds against him. Because he is such a bad-ass he doesn't have to look like Harrison Ford or Stallone - he's just Liam Neeson.

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