Friday, February 20, 2009

Auto Politburo

We're going to have a Presidential Politburo Task Force on Autos.  Headed by the Secretary of the Treasury, it's going to oversee restructuring of the industry.  Or at least GM and Chrysler.

An auto-industry official expressed disappointment. “We would have preferred having a single, go-to person focused on the restructuring,” the official said. ”This isn’t bad, but the other would have been better.”

If you really wanted a single, go-to focused individual you should have gone to a bankruptcy court, slick.

Now you've got to deal with at least nine different executive organizations, [1] at least that many agendas and a whole bunch of courtiers representing special interests.

And you thought dealing with the UAW was complicated. 

Y'all have fun with my money, y'hear?

[1] 'At least' the Departments of Treasury, Labor, Transportation, Commerce, and Energy. the National Economic Council, the White House Office of Energy and Environment, the Council of Economic Advisers and the EPA.

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