Saturday, February 28, 2009


The latest from apenwarr ...

EQL=Data is a project that we've been working on for a little while. The concept is simple: easy, one-click replication of your Microsoft Access databases between any users who have a copy of the same database file.

Why Microsoft Access? Good question! Because:

  • it's used by (at least) hundreds of thousands of people;
  • to this day, it remains the easiest way in the world to create a database-driven app, as far as I know;
  • it's severely underserved as an application platform. Even Microsoft seems more like they're trying to kill it than support it.

I snorted and chuckled because it sounded like yesterday's news. Microsoft Fargin' Access?

Apparently, people would absolutely love to be able to maintain their data in Access, then publish it automatically (without any programming) to the web. This is a Big Thing. Product lists, price lists, reseller lists, and so on. They change constantly, and you want to edit them in a Windows UI, and you can't afford to hire programmers, but you'd really like to see them on the web.

Okay, we can do that.

Which made me think. I can name two applications at work off the top of my head that use Access to store data. The data doesn't need to be pubished to a web interface, but it sure would be handy for the bar-code label print server to display it's queue status to a web interface rather than to a monitor app that can only be seen by logging in and running it from the server.

Mr. Drive By: Hey, the guys in the tool room say they can't print - what's the status of their printer?
Me: Dude.  Click the link and find out for yourself.

'Without any programming'?  Sign me up.

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