Friday, February 20, 2009


Somehow we go on the topic of head games that the military uses in boot camp to indoctrinate recruits.

It's brainwashing, really. They have to take sloppy civilians and make soldiers out of them.

Were you brainwashed, Dad?

Do I act like I've been brainwashed?

(grin) Yes.

And not five minutes later I was handed an Airsoft pistol that looks just like an M1911. And I knew it was an Airsoft because I bought it for the monkey two Christmases ago.  And the muzzle is painted red.  Also it does not feel like an M1911.

The urge to drop the magazine, rack the slide and make sure it was a safe weapon was overwhelming.

I didn't do it because that would have looked silly.

Instead I waited until I got to the car to make the child's toy a safe weapon.

Brainwashed? Pshaw.

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