Monday, February 23, 2009

CR4 - What if "God" Doesn't Care?


go to wikipedia, go to a random article. that is your band name.

go to random quotes and the last few words of the last quote on the first page is your album title.

go to flickr and explore the last seven days. the third picture is your album cover.

What if "God" Doesn't Care?

CR4 - What if "God" Doesn't Care? by you.

I'm thinking CR4 is a pop-rock group Raleigh, North Carolina: Gin Blossoms crossed with Hooty and the Blowfish and a dab of early Bob Dylan.  The name doesn't mean anything - they needed a name, the drummer looked out the window and grabbed some letters from a license plate.

The dog belongs to the bass player's girlfriend.

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