Monday, February 09, 2009

OBAMA 1260 - farewell!

Bill Press totally gets upset because he's been knocked out of a market

Dan Snyder's Red Zebra Broadcasting Co., owner of OBAMA 1260, has announced plans to jettison all progressive talk and replace it with pre-recorded financial advice programming.

Dude: get a grip.The station was named after a politician. Didn't that embarrass you?

For years, the Fairness Doctrine prevented such abuse by requiring licensed stations to carry a mix of opinion. However, under pressure from conservatives, President Ronald Reagan's Federal Communications Commission canceled the Fairness Doctrine in 1987, insisting that in a free market, stations would automatically offer a balance in programming.

That experiment has failed. There is no free market in talk radio today, only an exclusive, tightly held, conservative media conspiracy.

Except for the National Public Radio network, which is not exactly in John Birch territory. Which you can hear just about everywhere in the United States, and overseas on the Armed Forces Network.

So, yes, except for a radio network that blankets the US (I can here two NPR affiliates from the middle of inner-nowhere Wisconsin, and a third if I drive down to Oshkosh to catch some sun) it's a complete conservative conspiracy.
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