Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Alien thoughts

Alien in the sense of 'other', in the sense that I don't want to understand someone who can think this way.

You are invited to read the entire editorial; it won't take you long.

There must be violence against women

This title may sound strange, but it’s actually not just a way to attract readers to the topic because I really do mean what it indicates. Violence is a broad term, especially when used regarding women. In this piece, I want to shed light on those instances where violence against women is a must.
Relationships between fathers and daughters or sisters and brothers also provoke argument from human rights organizations, which propose the suggested solutions for all relationships. Personally, I don’t think fathers or brothers would undertake such behavior unless there was a reason for it.
Dear readers – especially women – don’t think that I hate or am against women; rather, I simply mean to preserve the morals and principles with which Islam has honored us.

I hope my message is clear, since it’s really quite relevant to the future of our societies, which must be protected from any kind of cultural invasion.

Good luck, back there in the 13th century Mr. Al-Kholidy. I'll take the 21st century anyday; I'll bet most of your sisters and daughters in faith will, too.
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