Thursday, January 24, 2008

Fred is out so .. why not Sunny Lucas in 08?

Why a dog? Well why the hell not? While I might not agree with all of her planks the first one makes me sit up and smile ..

Sunny Lucas’s Platform includes ...
“Kill them all.”
I'm liking this already.
As a fierce Rhodesian Ridgeback, Sunny is intimately familiar with the techniques and attributes necessary to defeat any enemy: Strength, teeth, bravery, and bloodlust. She understands that when faced with a sneaky enemy who doesn’t fight fair and who uses dirty tricks, one must respond with nothing short of a swift and deadly counterattack. You don’t just bite and then run away; you bite and bite and tear open the jugular until your enemy is utterly vanquished. By which we mean dead, not hiding in caves.

I'm liking this a great deal.

Vote Sunny in 08 - she's may be a bitch but she's our kind of bitch.
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