Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Virtual School really is school

From the AP wire: Court Ruling Threatens Virtual Schools

Barbara Stein of the National Education Association, the teachers' union, objected to the use of tax dollars to support what she called a new form of home schooling.

"The issue is whether a program where you don't have licensed educators and where you don't have students working directly with other students should be getting fully funded as though it were a quality educational experience," she said.

I have the kind of job that would allow me to work from home. Yet if I do, no one is going to accuse me of taking funds from my employer and trying to support a new form of self-employment. I'm still working for a company, I have tasks to complete, a team to work with, goals to accomplish related to making a profit for The Man.

Kids in virtual schools - in my experience - work under the direction of licensed educators. They don't, it is true, have a great deal of face-to-face interaction with their peers, but this is the nature of being in a dispersed classroom. As for the quality educational experience .... well I'm not going there.
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