Monday, January 07, 2008

Epicurians Rule!

…So I said that we ought to have intellectual names for sports teams. The anti-intellectualism of jock culture is an embarrassment to this country. (My wife’s country doesn’t have academic athletic teams.) How about “the Norman Nihilists”?My wife was captivated by the idea and wouldn’t let it go. We played the game in the restaurant, and that evening she took all the ideas we’d come up with and added bunches of new ones with the help of an Oklahoma map.Guidelines: it has to use the name of a state town, should ideally be alliterative (or rhyme) and represent a philosophical/religious position. So how about…

The Ardmore Atheists

The Ada Aristotelians

The Edmond Epistemologists


Neenah Gnostics
Appleton Arianisists
Delafield Docetisists
Exeter Epicurians
Menasha Montanists
Kaukauna Kabbalists
Oshkosh Ophites

Inspiration from TJIC
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