Friday, January 18, 2008

The Hispanic Man's Burden

Stereotype much, Bruce?

The lead story on the Pentagon's new AFRICOM web site is entitled "U.S. Sailor Helps Save Drowning Woman in Gabon."

Here come the good white guys to the rescue.

While I don't actually know, the sailor in question - PO Petty Officer 2nd Class Ronald Saucedo - has a Hispanic surname.

Another good tidbit from the article ..
On January 14, Saucedo was on liberty at Sogara Beach with three other APS Sailors when they witnessed four men carrying a body from the water.

"As we walked up to the crowd of people on the beach, they saw my dog tags and said, 'U.S. Marines, U.S. Marines,'" Saucedo said.

It is freaking awesome to have been associated with a group that has such an incredible reputation; go anywhere in the world and people will know about Texas and the U.S. Marines.
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