Friday, January 25, 2008

Solaris 8 to the 21st Century - it was that easy

From the most excellent Kelly's Heroes . . .

[Oddball sees that the bridge he wants to cross is intact and is pleased with himself]
Oddball: Still up!
[a plane flies over the bridge and bombs it... direct hit]
Oddball: No it ain't.

Well, my Solaris8 host running in a local zone on a Solaris 10 machine still is.

# zoneadm list -v
0 global running / native shared
1 co-web-005_noc running /opt/zones/co-web-005_noc native shared
4 co-ap-015_leg running /opt/zones/co-ap-015_leg solaris8 shared

There were issues. I built the host with the sys-unconfig switch, and that did not work so well, requiring some manual editing of key files in /etc. A local account might have had it's password changed ... nothing that won't be fixed as I do more of this.

I'm pleased with myself. And happy that Sun let a few guys work on this and released it to the world.

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