Sunday, January 20, 2008

Solaris 8 to the 21st Century

Dude* .. you have no idea how cool this is.
In a nutshell, we've built a Solaris Container (or Zone) which is capable of running the Solaris 8 user environment. We have also created a capability to perform P2V (or Physical-to-Virtual) transformation of existing Solaris 8 systems into containers running on a Solaris 10 host. This is an enabler for rapid migration of legacy Solaris 8 environments onto modern, environmentally friendly, cost effective hardware. And onto Solaris 10. The idea is to break up the upgrade tasks into chunks, allowing the hardware and OS to be upgraded, while continuing to run legacy environments. Next, the legacy environments can be used until they are retired, or redeployed into Solaris 10 containers, or into logical domains.

Is it actually easy to implement? Mebbe - the docs claim you install Solaris 10 8/7, install a patch and two packages and you're ready to rock and or roll**.

Then we can take those applications we have running around still sitting on legacy hardware and shove them into the modern era and call it a day.

Not that we'll ever get around to retiring or redeploying them into a modern OS but it's nice to pretend.

*No connection, I just wanted to use the word 'dude'.
** Reference.
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