Friday, January 18, 2008


He said it ..
I am Larry Kaseman, Executive Director of the Wisconsin Parents Association, a state-wide organization of over 1,400 member families founded in 1984, that works to protect the rights of parents and families in education, primarily homeschooling. However, I do not purport to speak for all WPA members and certainly not for all home schoolers in Wisconsin
That was Mr. Kaseman's testimony from 2002. He said substantially the same thing on 1/16/08, and upon being questioned said there was no poll of the WPA membership approving that organization's resistance to AD 697, just a general sense of 'well we've always been a PITA about this stuff so it's our default position'.

Kaseman appears to represent a trend that irked the beejezus out of me when we home schooled Older Monkey; there are any number of gadflys, goofballs, good guys and gonzos running around acting and sounding as if they're in charge of and responsible for huge movements. Some of them are, and WPA may well be. But this guy comes across as a fellow in loose charge of a website and a few dozen fellow travelers and that's about all.

This is reason 9348484 why I can't be a politician in a representative democracy; even yammerheads get their say.

Me, I'd roll my eyes, mutter something about 'this guy again' and have some big beefy troopers from the Household Gaurd toss him out the door. Sure that approach breeds discontent but it sure makes things happen.
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