Friday, January 04, 2008

Cautionary Tale

Coyote had a corrupted Excel file;
I tried to open a complicated Excel file today and Excel told me that it was corrupted and that it would try to rebuild it.
That happened to me, once. It not a complicated file, but it was terribly important; it contained all of the IP addresses for nearly 1800 client desktops* at the site I was contracting at.

All of these machines were manually assigned their address.** So knowing what these were was a pretty big deal.

No problem - a file that important must be backed up on the server. Except this one .. wasn't. That volume had never been backed up.

"I knew that was going to get us, one of these days," said a company system admin in a very resigned tone.***

After a week for the magnitude of the catastrophe to sink in, and with various schemes tried to recover the data, my company had no problem selling them on a project to convert the entire facility to DHCP.

* I inherited the spreadsheet - I did not create it.
** Yes, for this many machines in 1999 assigning addresses by hand made no sense. It was that kind of a place.
*** It was that kind of a place, which was why I was glad to be a contractor there and not an employee.
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