Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Shootin' Iron

I don't get excited over guns. Being paid to lug them around for a few years takes the romance and the mystique right out of 'guns'. Still ....

This is a mighty pretty weapon.

An M1911 is the first pistol I ever shot. I liked it much better than the M9 Beretta which replaced it a few years later.

Nothing against the M9 or the 9mm - I have no personal bias one way or the other about stopping power or reliability. My bias is because the M1911 fit better in my hands. I have small womanly paws so the narrow grip of the M1911 fit me better than the wide M9.

Of course not liking the way the M9 felt didn't keep me from earning an expert badge with it. Twice.


The Sentinel Premier is built on a forged steel, government length, standard width frame that includes a 30 LPI checkered front strap, checkered steel mainspring housing, and custom blended magwell. The controls are STI International’s blued steel single sided thumb safety and knuckle relief high-rise beavertail grip safety. The slide features traditional 1911 styling with STI front and rear cocking serrations, oversized ejection port, and is flat topped with Diamond LPI. The barrel is 5.0" ramped and supported with a match grade fitted bushing, fully crowned to sit flush with the end of the barrel. This exceptional firearm comes standard with an STI commander hammer, patented STI aluminum trigger system, STI S-7 sear, and titanium strut for smooth, reliable function.


MSRP Sentinel Premier $2,295.00

Yikes. Maybe I'll wait until the price comes down a bit a lot.
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