Friday, January 11, 2008

Virtual Schools - Wisconsin - March on Madison

Interesting news on the home school / virtual school front ...
Rep. Brett Davis, R-Oregon, chairman of the Assembly Education Committee, proposed that online schools, also known as virtual schools, be allowed to continue operating with few restrictions. About 3,000 Wisconsin students attend online schools.

When WEAC* put the smackdown on students** in December some people pointed out that WIVA was illegal. If we wanted virtual schools - went the refrain - then we needed to enact laws to make them legal. What are you a bunch of knuckle dragging Republithugs who want judicial activism only when it suits you?
I have no problem with WIVA, except for the fact that such an educational venture in Wisconsin is against the law.
Be careful what you ask for. Next week the forces of justice and decency will descend on the state capital in support of Representative Davis' bill.

Without legislative action this year, it is a strong possibility that your public school will close, perhaps as early as the next school year. While the State Supreme Court may take up an appeal of our recent court loss, the current limbo schools find themselves in cannot continue.

Those of us who make the trek to Madison will sacrifice vacation time, put off ongoing projects and rearrange the school week. But we do so knowing that to stay home would jeopardize the very existence of the particular school we and our children love so much. Parents, teachers, students, grandparents, all supporters are welcome!
A reminder that this government is by God for the People and of the People and that once in a great while legislation will be passed not because it's been bought but because it's the right thing to do.

Virtual schools are cost effective and they do what schools are supposed to do - teach children.

At the end of the day it's not about ideology or money or who controls the schools - it's about the kids.

*Official song: Look for ... the union label ... when you are divining ... our motives!

**No, this isn't fair, nor nuanced, nor balanced. Screw that, this is an editorial.
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