Saturday, January 19, 2008

Letter from the William Harbron, Superintendent of Northern Ozaukee School District

Letter from the William Harbron, Superintendent of Northern Ozaukee School District

Dear WIVA & H2O Students and Parents:

I have just returned from two days in Madison with a great sense of optimism about the future of virtual schools. You are to be commended for being present and having your voice heard by our state senators and representatives. Your voice was heard and made a vital difference in the fate of bills AB 692 and SB 396.

I also take a great deal of pride in being associated with parents who are fully committed to providing quality education for their children, as well as being fully involved in the educational process with their children. In addition, I am extremely proud of the teachers who are collaborating with you. The voices of Kathy Hennings, Jennifer Trattner, and Kaye Martin were heard and spoke sincerely of the relationship and partnership between the home and the school. These three teachers represent the quality and commitment of teachers serving WIVA and H2O.

I express my appreciation to the parents from WIVA and other virtual schools who came forward to testify. Your voice helped the legislators to more fully comprehend how virtual education for K-8 is effectively collaborated between the teacher and the parent.

The most important voice heard was that of the children. Aidan Gordon-Dunbar's presentation to the Assembly Education Committee was a powerful, sincere, and meaningful message. I know that I was deeply touched by Aidan's thoughtful words. I feel Aidan captured the essence of why virtual education needs to be a vital option for students and their families in the future. In addition, WIVA and H2O students made a powerful impression on the senators and represen­tatives they visited.

I also say thank you to many of you who have written letters, e-mails, and articles. Your writing is also having a strong impact.

Following the hearing of SB 392 sponsored by Senator Lehman, we all left with a new sense of optimism. Senator Luther Olsen needs to hear our appreciation for his support, as well as Repre­sentatives Brett Davis and Dan LeMahieu for their writing of AB 692.

I would also like to take this opportunity to recognize and thank Rose Fernandez for all of her efforts in organizing the rally and parent voice, and her personal testimony for AB 692 and against SB 396. Rose, along with each of you, is a champion for virtual education.

There is still much work to be accomplished over the next several weeks. I encourage you to stay in contact with the family coalition for future developments over the next several weeks. Northern Ozaukee School District remains committed to keeping you informed.

Again, I thank you for making a difference with your presence and voice. You can be very proud of your school. Northern Ozaukee School District is committed to virtual education and making a meaningful difference in the education of our students.


William R. Harbron, Ed.D.


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